July 14, 2011

Cheerwine Doughnuts

A night or so ago Jarod and I were coming home from Lowes and I told him that we should go to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut. I didn't tell him that I knew that the limited time only Cheerwine doughnuts were there. We had missed them last year when they came out. So I knew during the summer months I had to keep a look out  for when they would be available. 

They are only available in North and South Carolina during the month of July. Some grocery stores carry them and select Krispy Kreme stores carry them also. You can just check their website to see if they are in your area. The doughnut is filled with a Cheerwine flavored cream, topped with chocolate icing and red and white sprinkles. Now I enjoy a good Cheerwine every now and then, but I thought this was just a gross doughnut! I really don't know what I was expecting them to taste like but it was just a weird combination to me. Jarod loved them though. Which I was pretty sure he was going to and is all that matters. 


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