July 13, 2011

Yard Work

I love our yard. It is not a big yard at all and you would probably laugh if you saw it.  But I  remember when we lived in our apartment for 3 years and how each year I wished we had a little yard to spend time together working in and making it our own. The Lord blessed us this year and now we are enjoying working in our little yard each night together. 

This week is pretty much yard week around here. We have been working on it every night this week. We finally have the front finish and yesterday we picked up the supplies for part of the back we will be working on tonight. 

The white block is our house number. I blocked it out for privacy.

 I saw the red and white polka dot cushions and knew they would be easy for me to find things to match.  The red and white polka dot flower pot was actually a regular clay flower pot that I had bought and painted. The yellow flower pots have gerber daisies in them but birds have built a nest in each so it is kind of killing the gerbers. :(

                              I got the wreath from a near by pottery. I was going to make one pretty much like the one I found, but the price was alot better already made versus me having to by all the supplies to make it myself. I did add the "W" to the wreath. I just painted it and hot glued it on the wreath.