July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites: Beauty

Jane Iredale purepressed base. This is my favorite makeup ever. This is by far the best mineral makeup I have ever used and I have tried a lot. I have had horrible acne for years and just super sensitive skin. This makeup feels so clean and light. It is the lightest feeling mineral makeup I have worn.  I press it on with a little face sponge and then dust it off again with a brush. Jane Iredale is also one of the most expensive makeup lines I have ever purchased. I bought it at a my dermatologist but have found it a lot cheaper on Amazon and the Jane Iredale website. I have pretty much tried every foundation at the drug store and Bare Minerals. I am just not big on spending tons of money on makeup, but I have found in this case it is well worth the money. It is recommended from the skin cancer foundation. It is a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one and has a UVA/UVB SPF 20 broad-spectrum sun protection. It is also water-resistant and highly pigmented so the coverage is great! 

Jane Iredale "Absence" Oil Control Primer with SPF 15.  If you have oily skin and need some control to save the life of your foundation..this is the best product out there. It smooths skin by filling in pores/fine lines which makes my foundation go on great! I don't use this everyday. If I know that I am going to be outside a lot or just a busy day I will put this on and there is no need to reapply any of my foundation. I focus more on my chin and around my mouth and forehead when using absence. The website says it suitable for oily and acneic skin, but may also be used by normal skin types. Absence actually helps control over-active sebaceous glands. It has no effect on the actual moisture (water content) of the skin. It also conceals large pores.

I bought this soap at Trader Joes. Jarod and I both really like how it smells. I really like how much it exfoliates.

I use this twice a week and love it. My hair feels crazy clean after I use this.

This my favorite nail buffer. It is the DOALL NAIL BUFFER. Its a 7 step nail buffer in one. I love it because I have found if I take the time to do all seven steps before my manicure it will last so much longer. Now it does take some time.. and since I pretty much only paint my nails only once every blue moon it works great for me. 


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