July 25, 2014

Easy, Affordable Toy Shelf/ TV Cabinet!

I have big plans for our play room. It's a work in progress. We got a new rug a few months ago. This weekend we are looking at fabric for big pillows and curtains for the room. Storage is our problem. I would find something I liked on Land of Nod or Pottery Barn, but then BAM our budget for the playroom would be gone in one piece. I didn't put a big budget on the playroom right now because I know this room will really change as she grows. 

I knew what I was looking for so I showed Jarod and he came up with a great idea. When we were all sick a few months ago he went to Target to pick up our prescriptions and came back with them, plus 5 boxes of Closet Maid storage cubes. They were having a close out sale and he struck gold on this one!! The next day he went out and got  1 sheet of wainscoting and 3 strips of crown moulding at Lowes. For around $85.00 we have a custom looking TV holder, bench, toy holder for Ava's playroom!! Perfect for our budget and it looks custom made. Its really is a Simi home made project!! 

More Pictures to Come!!

July 24, 2014

Happy 18 Months!!

Our sweet pea turned 18 months old on my birthday!! How in the world did that happen?? I can't believe I will have a 2 year old in 6 months!!

Here she is at her doctors appointment. She hasn't been gaining weight, but is still growing in height so we have to go back every 2-3 weeks for weight checks. Since we have moved to our new house Ava has and is getting at least 9 teeth in 3 months. So eating has slowed down, but our grumpy factor is at a all time high. :(

I am not pushing pottery training yet. But I am hoping we will catch a break on at least that subject. I have bought two potties. I have one up stairs and one down. We make it a point when we she is going poopy in her diaper to take her to the bathroom to let her finish. Just show her when that feeling hits that were we need to be. I don't make her sit on the potty I just show her this is the place to do it. She has started hiding when she goes so I am hoping this might help a little.  She knows the toliet paper goes in the potty.

When we first bought the potties she was scared to sit on them. She prefers to break down the whole potty before she sits. Yes her diaper is on, but again we aren't rushing this. I just want to get her comfortable with the whole thing. We have watched Elmo's potty song a million times. I have also found Elmo's potty on Amazon for cheap. So I ordered that and we will show her with that too. We are also reading books about potty time. So I am hoping me starting early and making it fun will be a big help in  transitioning to when we really potty train.

During our family walks. Ava is the best hand holder! I am so impressed with this. She grabs both our hands and will walk just like that up and down our street! 

July 23, 2014

Our First Date Night

 Well it finally happened!! Date Night. After 18months of no dates. Jarod and I finally took one. My mom has watched Ava a couple of times for us. When we moved, when I was sick and had to go to the doctor, but thats about it no dates. Just for things that had to get done.

I have a very hard time leaving Ava. I feel that I know her better than anyone so I just like to be there at all times. Ava has had so many sturggles with teeth, stomach, reflux her whole life that I know having me there helps and I pretty much can tell better than anyone what she needs or wants. I am finally getting a little more comfortable with leaving her with family but it is still hard for me. We tried church once and I think i cried more than her. It wasn't the time for us yet. I know some moms are reading these as you are "nuts" but its just something that is hard for me.

Jarod and I finally decided it was time. My aunt is visiting from Florida so she came with my mom and they watched Ava for us! They did a great job and Ava had the best time. She talks about Nonna and Grammy all the time.

We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants in Raleigh. Angus Barn. I was so excited about actually just sitting down and not having to say "no, no don't do this" or "no, no don't do that" or make sure she was eating enough and just all that goes around with meal time with a very picky and strong willed toddler. I forgot how long it has been since I had a hot meal that I could finish all the way through.

We both got the combo of steak and seafood. Jarod loves lobster and I love King crab claws.  I think I ate one bite of my steak (prime rib) and just ate the crab claws. And Jarod pretty much did the same thing with the lobster. Our eye were bigger than our stomachs, plus the cheese, crackers, bread and salad will fill you up fast too. We had a nice doggy bag to take home for Jarod's lunch the next day.

We enjoyed our date so much! The food was wonderful, just getting to be together alone was refreshing. Of course we talked about Ava a lot!

Yup we got photo bombed. I will write a post on my thoughts on that for another time!

May 30, 2014

Sick No More and Our Week

We were all pretty horribly sick last week. Which ended up with us having four doctors visits. We never do anything lightly. We are all or nothing type people I guess.

This week has been better and here are a few pictures from our week.

Ava is really into hugs and kisses now. Its the best. Days are hard running around with this sweet toddler, and by now I think she thinks her name is "NO", but nothing in this world is any better than a hug and kiss from this sweet baby.

She has started to feed herself with a spoon and fork now. I probably delayed this more for her, b/c of the mess, but I am learn some times messes are so beautiful and sweet. 

I have been making tons of smoothies for Ava and I.  I usually drink mine for my lunch and Ava get her's for a snack. I put tons of fruits and vegs. Like kale, spinach, cucumber, blueberries, mango. We do tons of different combos and sweeten them with pineapple juice and this little butter bean loves them.  Its a great way for her to get some good veggies since the only veggie she likes is broccoli and sometimes thats not the best for her tummy.

Her grandmother bought her this fun summer chair and we have  already spent tons of time enjoying the warm weather and drinking our smoothies together.

This is one of the pictures I took when we were sick in bed together. He poor nose ran and ran like I have never seen it before. Her eyes were so puff and she just felt awful. Got to give it to her she did crack and small smile for me.

I found this recipe for crock pot ribs on Pinterest and we have loved them each time I make them. I do a nice rub on them and then coat them with our favorite bbq sauce.

I also made this so so good Lava cake. The recipe was super easy and yummy! We topped ours with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for catching up with us this week. 

April 23, 2014

Ava's Birthday Party.

Well again I am sorry for the lack of blogging.

Since we talked last Ava turned one, we sold our townhome and moved into our new house. We started packing boxes, moving stuff in to storage right after her party since we had tons of family there to help. We moved into our new home in a 3 week time period. We are loving our new home and having much more space for Ava to run around. I will hopefully post pictures soon after I finish a couple of projects.

Here are a few photos from her birthday party. 

I went with a Lady bug theme. Mostly I just played the theme out with the red, black and white colors with polka dots and a few lady bugs here and there. 

December 17, 2013

A little bit of everything

 So again it's been along time since I have blogged. I know I keep saying I will get better but right now with our house on the market , the holidays and having a almost 11 month old walking around. Yes walking now. It can get crazy around here. So I am not making any promises. I love to blog and really hope this can become a good creative outlet for me, but we will see.. 

We had a lovely low key Thanksgiving, but
right after we  had a horrible sickness running through our house for at least 3 weeks. Ava got RSV a ear infection and sinus infection. We  at least went to the doctors 5 times for her plus one trip to ER. Jarod and I both ended up at the doctor too. After two rounds of antibiotics, 3 other prescriptions and breathing treatments all for Ava, we are finally, finally on the mend. Thank goodness!!! It was scary, sad and very tiring since Jarod and I were both so sick too.

Ava  started taking steps about 3.5 weeks ago. She is getting braver and braver trying to really walk  now and takes a bunch of steps at a time. She still prefers crawling and bunny hopping as we call it to get around.

Christmas has come up on us so fast this year. Still loaded with antibiotics, lots of hand wiping, wanting to put her in a bubble we all ventured out to see Santa on a Monday after noon. Best time to go. There was only one family in front of us so no wait time. 

She wasn't sure what to think of Santa. She never cried but man that bottom lip quivered.

This is our first Christmas card we have ever since out. We just never did it before Ava was born, but now I really want to do it every year if possible. I loved how they turned out. I wanted something different and something that talked about us being a new family. 

Here is a link to Stacy's greeting card website Sparrow Tree Greetings on facebook. She did a personalized card for us. I just told her what I wanted and she did way better than the idea in my head. 

September 17, 2013

Visit with Mimi and Granddaddy

Last week Ava and I went to stay a week with my parents. Jarod work schedule was crazy and we knew we wouldn't get to see him much. So we decided it would be a perfect time to take a week trip to stay with my family. We had a really nice relaxing stay at Grandmothers and Granddaddy's house. We got to visit with Ava's Great Mama, cousin Kris, go on walks around the neighborhood and visit with my  parents neighbors. It was nice getting a break from our everyday schedule. Ava has been having a hard time with being super super clingy to me and fussy. I can't tell if she is getting her top teeth or what. So this momma needed a small break and my parents were so good with helping.

When we go back home we always stay in my childhood room. Mom always has everything we need all fixed up for us. We actually don't need to bring much more than a few toys and clothes because she is already so prepared for our visits. Which makes it so nice for us. Ava and I took a few long naps that week. Which was so refreshing!

My mom likes to make Ava a cuddly floor palette with pillows, blankets and toys. Ava can sit up on her own just fine, but when she decided to lay back she still sorta just throws her self down.

They have two sun porches and Ava loves sitting out there and watch everything outside. They have a couple of outside  cats and she loves to sit out there and watch them play. Its so nice to be able to let her sorta be out side with out burning up from the crazy heat we have been having.

 Mimi knows how to keep her happy. Playing with pots and pans.

Driving her new car I found at Walmart. Walmart has tons of better toys for her age than Target right now. She loves this thing.

They have a Hobby Lobby in Rocky Mount. Which I will never understand why Wilson and Rocky Mount has one, but not Raleigh. They have these shirts, pants and appliqu├ęs there and decided to make Ava some play clothes.

We had a really nice relaxing stay at Mimi and Granddaddy's house.