September 17, 2013

Visit with Mimi and Granddaddy

Last week Ava and I went to stay a week with my parents. Jarod work schedule was crazy and we knew we wouldn't get to see him much. So we decided it would be a perfect time to take a week trip to stay with my family. We had a really nice relaxing stay at Grandmothers and Granddaddy's house. We got to visit with Ava's Great Mama, cousin Kris, go on walks around the neighborhood and visit with my  parents neighbors. It was nice getting a break from our everyday schedule. Ava has been having a hard time with being super super clingy to me and fussy. I can't tell if she is getting her top teeth or what. So this momma needed a small break and my parents were so good with helping.

When we go back home we always stay in my childhood room. Mom always has everything we need all fixed up for us. We actually don't need to bring much more than a few toys and clothes because she is already so prepared for our visits. Which makes it so nice for us. Ava and I took a few long naps that week. Which was so refreshing!

My mom likes to make Ava a cuddly floor palette with pillows, blankets and toys. Ava can sit up on her own just fine, but when she decided to lay back she still sorta just throws her self down.

They have two sun porches and Ava loves sitting out there and watch everything outside. They have a couple of outside  cats and she loves to sit out there and watch them play. Its so nice to be able to let her sorta be out side with out burning up from the crazy heat we have been having.

 Mimi knows how to keep her happy. Playing with pots and pans.

Driving her new car I found at Walmart. Walmart has tons of better toys for her age than Target right now. She loves this thing.

They have a Hobby Lobby in Rocky Mount. Which I will never understand why Wilson and Rocky Mount has one, but not Raleigh. They have these shirts, pants and appliqués there and decided to make Ava some play clothes.

We had a really nice relaxing stay at Mimi and Granddaddy's house. 


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