May 30, 2014

Sick No More and Our Week

We were all pretty horribly sick last week. Which ended up with us having four doctors visits. We never do anything lightly. We are all or nothing type people I guess.

This week has been better and here are a few pictures from our week.

Ava is really into hugs and kisses now. Its the best. Days are hard running around with this sweet toddler, and by now I think she thinks her name is "NO", but nothing in this world is any better than a hug and kiss from this sweet baby.

She has started to feed herself with a spoon and fork now. I probably delayed this more for her, b/c of the mess, but I am learn some times messes are so beautiful and sweet. 

I have been making tons of smoothies for Ava and I.  I usually drink mine for my lunch and Ava get her's for a snack. I put tons of fruits and vegs. Like kale, spinach, cucumber, blueberries, mango. We do tons of different combos and sweeten them with pineapple juice and this little butter bean loves them.  Its a great way for her to get some good veggies since the only veggie she likes is broccoli and sometimes thats not the best for her tummy.

Her grandmother bought her this fun summer chair and we have  already spent tons of time enjoying the warm weather and drinking our smoothies together.

This is one of the pictures I took when we were sick in bed together. He poor nose ran and ran like I have never seen it before. Her eyes were so puff and she just felt awful. Got to give it to her she did crack and small smile for me.

I found this recipe for crock pot ribs on Pinterest and we have loved them each time I make them. I do a nice rub on them and then coat them with our favorite bbq sauce.

I also made this so so good Lava cake. The recipe was super easy and yummy! We topped ours with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks for catching up with us this week. 


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