July 24, 2014

Happy 18 Months!!

Our sweet pea turned 18 months old on my birthday!! How in the world did that happen?? I can't believe I will have a 2 year old in 6 months!!

Here she is at her doctors appointment. She hasn't been gaining weight, but is still growing in height so we have to go back every 2-3 weeks for weight checks. Since we have moved to our new house Ava has and is getting at least 9 teeth in 3 months. So eating has slowed down, but our grumpy factor is at a all time high. :(

I am not pushing pottery training yet. But I am hoping we will catch a break on at least that subject. I have bought two potties. I have one up stairs and one down. We make it a point when we she is going poopy in her diaper to take her to the bathroom to let her finish. Just show her when that feeling hits that were we need to be. I don't make her sit on the potty I just show her this is the place to do it. She has started hiding when she goes so I am hoping this might help a little.  She knows the toliet paper goes in the potty.

When we first bought the potties she was scared to sit on them. She prefers to break down the whole potty before she sits. Yes her diaper is on, but again we aren't rushing this. I just want to get her comfortable with the whole thing. We have watched Elmo's potty song a million times. I have also found Elmo's potty on Amazon for cheap. So I ordered that and we will show her with that too. We are also reading books about potty time. So I am hoping me starting early and making it fun will be a big help in  transitioning to when we really potty train.

During our family walks. Ava is the best hand holder! I am so impressed with this. She grabs both our hands and will walk just like that up and down our street! 


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