April 16, 2012

Zebra Print and Polka Dot Porch

The Porch is finally finished!! We looked everywhere for a good price on black rockers and finally found some at Lowes. The whole design for the porch started with this wreath I made. I was wanting to do something fun with my red and white polka dot letter I painted and had on last years wreath. I thought adding some zebra print would bring some fun to the whole porch look. I found some zebra flowers and ribbon at Micheals and just sorta went with it..

I got the red and white polka dot cushions last year at a pottery near here. I went back this year and found these outdoor zebra print pillows. I am in the process now of painting a zebra print planter pot for another one of my potatoe plants. I love the black urns I found out Lowes. They are plastic and were a great price.. I wanted to add the sky pencils to the urns to add some height and they mix well with the sky penciles that are in the yard. The extra planters you see on the left of the porch are some extras I used to cover up some plants when our weather got really cold last week. We have been having such a nice spring then all of a sudden it became winter again for at least 3 days here.


  1. So modern and chic, just adorable :)

  2. Love this!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the polka dots and Zebra. Check out our porch and monograms at