April 19, 2012

So Long Blazer

Dear Blazer (aka Jarod's first car the 1994 Chevrolet Blazer,)

You were our first date car, first kiss car,  moving truck from apartment to new home, weekly grocery getter and daily ride to work.

We will miss your broken windows, no air, no heat, torn ceiling, antifreeze stained flooring, dirty dashboard and peeling paint.

Thanks for getting Jarod safely from here to there for 10 years. You will be missed!


 I will always remember how Jarod took my hair ribbon I wore to highschool one day and tied it on the steering wheel. It has been there unremoved since that day. Not going to lie that made me cry a little when we removed it.


  1. Hello, fellow NC blogger! I am also from NC...lived all over the state during my 30+ years of life. I went to college in Raleigh and now live in Charlotte. Hope you are having a great Friday!

    I also still have my first car from high school (a 1997 Dodge Stratus) that is still trucking along. We have managed to save some mileage on it by just making it our "spare" car. My husband is lucky to have a work truck to drive. Now, our nanny uses it to haul the kids around. I will miss that little car where we made so many great memories!