March 21, 2012

Yard Work

This weekend we were very busy in the yard. We redid the landscaping by adding a new section to the front yard and replacing some of the bushes that were put in the yard before we bought it. We also planted two rose bushes and a wisteria plant near our fence. It took us all weekend to get this all finished. With many trips to Lowes and our ground being nothing but backfill it took Jarod forever to dig holes for the plants. We honestly have the worst dirt to work with around here. We really enjoy working in our yard together. It's fun working with my man and trying to make our home our own! The only thing we have left is to try to find some black rockers for the front porch and work on on the drainage problem we have.

Here are the before pictures

Here is the After!!


  1. Looks great Katherine (& Jarod)!!

  2. wow!! IT looks awesome!! what did you guys do with your patio furniture that was at the front of your house? did you move it to the back?