July 10, 2011

Green Smoothie

For anyone that knows Jarod, knows he LOVES Coke, Pepsi and Cheerwine. :)  He also isn't a huge veggie eater either. I have been on the search for a healthy drink that wasn't loaded with sugar that he would enjoy for a snack or quick breakfast and that was loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals. Plus it had to taste great. 

I found this recipe and decided to try it tonight. It was great! Jarod and I both really enjoyed it! He enjoyed it so much he drank his and half of mine.

She explains that it is  "Great for weight loss, digestive health, supporting the immune system, and as a healthy and filling snack." You can really do any combo you could think of. You just have to stick with the  base of bananas, fruit of your choice and a couple handfuls of your favorite green."

What you will need:

frozen peaches ( we used pineapple b/c that is what I had on hand).
frozen mango
1-2 bananas
a couple handfuls of spinach
ice (if desired)

Add enough water to blend and enjoy!!

I did have to add a little bit of all natural, no calorie  sweeter to the batch. I only used 2 packs for the whole thing.  Next time I will probably add more fruit so there will be no need for the sweeter.


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