July 26, 2011

Birthday Trip To Boone

Last friday was my birthday and I turned 24. For my birthday Jarod surprised me with a weekend trip to Boone, NC. He had a small itinerary planned, it was the cutest and sweetest thing. He told me on Wednesday and had a cake for me and everything at home.  He told me on Wednesday because he knows I need atleast one day of full planning and packing.. The man knows how long it takes me to pack.. I am totally an over packer and I see nothing wrong with that. ;)

We left early Friday morning and got breakfast on the road.. We had a great time just listening to music and talking plus we made a few stops on our way. Our first stop was Ikea and we found a ton of stuff and will have to make a trip back. I did purchase a few things while I was there. We had lunch at Ikea which sorry I don't advise trying. I had heard the Swedish meatballs were good, but they were gross and Jarod didn't care for his food either. So I would probably skip out on the whole eating there and just stick to shopping.

 Next was to see the Apple datacenter you can't go in and is very private but we did get a couple a pictures from the road. Jarod was in heaven and I think he would have probably died if we could have gotten a tour. HA.

Then we stopped at Google's datacenter in Lenior; again you can't go in but they did have a sign so we had fun getting pictures. Most people would think we were crazy but I had so much fun with him going to these two data centers. I love seeing him so happy.

After our stops along the way we finally made it to Boone. We got to our hotel and rested for awhile. We then went to have dinner at Dan'l Boone Inn.. The food was family style and it was great!!

        Jarod with his banana pudding

Me with my chocolate cake.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Boone Bagelry! They have the best bagels I have ever had and also have the best blueberry spread. Now I have to say they use atleast a tub of the blueberry spread on one bagel. I had to scrape a ton of it off before I could eat it but it was so good!! Since we were already in downtown Boone we decided to check out all the shops.  My favorite store there was Appalachian Antiques. It was the best antiques shop I have ever been to. It had 3 stories and I could have stayed in there for hours, but it had no air and I was about to die so I didn't really get to stay long enough to purchase anything.

After our adventures downtown we went to our hotel and rested for a little bit and cooled off. Then we got ready and met up with my best friend Mary and her boyfriend Ben. They were going to be our tour guides for the rest of the day since they both live in Boone and know where all the fun stuff is. We went to Blowing Rock to shop for a while. Blowing Rock is the quaintest little town I've ever seen. It did start raining while we were there but we had fun in all the little shops.

After Blowing Rock we went to the Parkway to see the beautiful scenery and then Ben told us where a water fall was so we had to go check that out. I was so excited since I have never seen one in person before. 

    Jarod and Ben at the top of the waterfall.

  After we hiked to the water fall we were starving and decided to have dinner at Macado's. I have to say everywhere we ate at in Boone the food was delicious. I already have a list of places I want to try next time we go. I am hoping to go next time in the fall when it is cool outside and the leaves have changed to their beautiful fall colors. 

  I did find a building on Apps campus that was called Katherine Harper Hall. So Mary got a picture of me with the buildng since we have never  seen my name that big.. Haha

I had a wonderful time on our trip.. I want to thank my wonderful husband for planning such a sweet surprise! I loved getting to spend 3 whole days with him! I also want to thank our tour guides Mary Sue and Ben for showing us around. We know how busy you guys are with moving! Oh and Mary thanks for the yummy ice cream cake! Sorry we couldn't eat it all. :)


  1. Hi Katherine,
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