November 9, 2011

Shutter Shelf

So after I redid our  tv cabinet seen here.. I decided that for such a large room and tall ceiling that we  really need something hanging above the tv and tv cabinet. It honestly looked too "naked" for my taste.

I had seen bunches of different shelves in catalogs, online and in stores, but never found anything that really fit the shabby, country, cottage feel I had going for our little home. So I decide that we would take an idea I found on Pinterest for a shutter shelf and put our own spin on it. 

I found 2 large wooden shutters at the Habit for Humanity store for $15 dollars. We then hunted down and bought a set of 2 pretty decorative brackets for  $5. I spray painted them a gold brown color that is almost the same color in the curtain rods, hardware on the tv cabinet and in the curtains. The hard part was figuring out what color I was going to do the shelf itself. I knew that we didn't need to paint anything else that blue, green sea foam color. So I decided to take inspiration from our vases we got at Kirklands. I just  took a color out of the vase and had Lowes make me up a pint. After I painted the shutters I aged them some with our sander, and rubbed it down with  a little left over stain I had from the tv cabinet. Jarod did all the hanging and cutting for this fun project. Thanks Honey! 


I am still deciding what to actually put on the shutter shelf. So this really isn't the final look.


  1. You are TOO creative! I love it! I really wish we were next door neighbors so we could craft together all the time. :)