June 1, 2011

DIY Home Project #2 TV Cabinet

I have been painting and distressing our new tv cabinet for the past 3 days. Normally it would have never taken me 3 days to paint something like this , but the heat has been horrible and I have had to take so many breaks that it has taken me so long for me to get the project done.

We purchased this tv cabinet at walmart right after we purchased our home, I thought it would look great with our new furniture, but when I got it into our living room I was just displeased with the whole look. I knew I love the design of the tv cabinet. I loved the legs they matched perfect with our new sofa and loveseat.   I had been seeing a ton of distressed furniture pictures on home design blogs,  so I decided to give it a try..  I honestly went out of my comfort zone doing this project! I would never just buy a new piece of furniture and then just repaint it.  I was really doubt myself during most of this project.

Picking the right color to paint the cabinet was a whole big deal in itself. I was trying to find a color to match the pillow on our sofa and the new curtains we purchased. We looked everywhere! Lowes, Homedepot and Sherwin Williams and then I went into Bejamin Moore. The Bejamin Moore we went into has a design center so I spoke with a lady and she explained that she could have a custom match paint done for me 24 hours! She took my curtain I brought to match up the color with. I was a little worried since I heard from so many places that matching up color with fabric with a computer system couldn't be done because of the different levels of colors in the fabric. Which actually means if they try it they get some weird color!  We already had one done at Lowes and it ended up being a brown green color.. Not want we were going for. HA!

Curtain and  our cutom color paint swatch from Bejamin Moore

It's probably hard to tell with the horrible lighting, but the color matches perfect!

Cabinet before

Cabinet after!!

I love the look of distressed furniture so I tried it on this.