December 21, 2012

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33w2d

Size of Baby: Pineapple

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +20

Gender: Girl!! Ava McKenzie

Movement: Tons!! She is kicking my ribs now!

Sleep: Sleeping has gotten horrible. I am so so tired, but I am up every morning at 4 or 5.. All I want to do is go back to sleep, but I can't!! I need to be sleeping all I can now. Like I should be stocking up on sleep before she arrives, but no insomnia has hit hard. I still have to get up at least 4-5 times a night to use the bathroom and my hips and back are killing me because I can't sleep on my back or stomach :(

Maternity Clothes:  I wear mostly all maternity pants, except for my yoga pants, I am wearing both maternity and non maternity shirts. 

Symptoms:  Very short of breath, Swelling has started,  Very high heart rate, My nose is now turning red when I get hot.. lol

Aversions: Still not loving meat.

Cravings: Clementines, and chicken salad wraps I make at home. 

What I miss: Not a thing. I've waited too long for this and I'm grateful for everything I'm experiencing. 

Best Moment this week: We found out when the c-section date is  January 22, 2013!


  1. You are adorable! I know you're not feeling good, but you're almost there! Praying for you and looking forward to ONE month from now, to meet your precious Ava!

  2. Almost there! Can't wait to meet Ava!!