March 12, 2012

Been Too Long

   Hey ya'll!! It has been way too long since my last blog post! I'm hoping that I won't have another long blogging break for awhile now!

Don't you just love my new blog design!! My friend Stacy is so talented! She took our family photos last November and just designed this awesome blog!

So I have been working on some designs for our master bedroom. Ever since we have been married I have never really decorated "our room". It's just one room  that keeps getting over looked. I just have always put more focus on the living room and guest rooms. Well NO more! I really want a nice space just for Jarod and I. Right now we have a red, cream and black bedspread and black furniture. It is just so dark for me. I never bought curtains for the room, never really did anything for it other than get a bedspread. 

 I am really wanting to do something calming and very airy for us and I am loving grey, creams and whites together. So I decided to make a board based on just that. I have decided to take my old childhood furniture and completely redo it. Sanding, priming, painting and new hardware. I love using stuff we already have and turn it into some brand new and pretty! This is mostly how I decorate! It helps me with getting a new look, while not spending much $$$! And I love that!  I want to really test myself and do this room on a very small budget. We are going to paint the room ourselves, make a fabric headboard and shop sales and use coupons for this room. This is what I normally do when decorating anyways, but I want to try to save even more money while getting the look we want! 

Master Bedroom (Grey & White)


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