January 21, 2011

2011 List

I am a list maker.. I probably have at least 3 going at one time and that is just ones on the fridge. I have at least 4 text edit list going on my mac at all times.  I just get so much joy writing things  down then highlighting them when the task is  complete. I am weird I know! HA

Well since it is a brand  new year I thought it would be a good idea for Jarod and I to sit down and make a list together of things we want to do and work on this year.

Serve more at  Journey
Witness to more people
Improve our quiet time with the Lord
(Me) work on getting out of my comfort zone more! I am very shy so this is something that will be very hard for me to work on.
(Me) find a part time job.
Make a Web App ( This is one of Jarod's things). (He is planning to start his own business so pray for the ideas and guidance over this for him.. This is something he has wanted to do for along time.)
Purchase a "new to us" car
Go on a vacation just Jarod and I for more than 2 days.
Move out of our apartment
Start a family
Get professional pictures taken of us.. (we only have our wedding pictures and they aren't the best)
Send out Christmas cards
Redo our guest bedroom
Go on a couple of random weekend trips together
Take Bailey to the park more.
Save more $$


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