July 1, 2010

Meet Bailey

Bailey is our only child for right now. Bailey is chihuahua/ rat terrier mix.. We adopted him from the Wake County Animal Shelter on October 11, 2008.  We believe his birthday is some where around the first of March 2008. Bailey had a brother with him at the shelter and his name was Barnum.. haha yes like the "Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey circus".. His brother was adopted first. We just happened to go into the shelter the day they brought them in.. It was a blessing we happen to go in that day because it is very rare to find a dog under 20 Ibs at the shelter. Bailey is a loving little soul when you get to meet him. He does have a small attitude problem though.. Lets just say his first impressions aren't the best. When first meeting people or dogs he will constantly bark at them and gets kinda nippy, but after a while you will be his best friend. He loves for some one to hold him all of the time. If you arn't holding him he wants to sit right next to you ..Bailey's favorite toys are a stuff toy trash man named "Mel" and his blue and orange ball. Bailey can do a few tricks. He can roll over, speak, and say "I love you". He will  run to me if I say " help Bailey" or " want a treat".. He loves to get in the floor with Jarod and bite his nose and ears.  Bailey is one spoiled pup and we love him dearly.


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