June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend 2010

Father's Day Weekend started off on early Saturday morning when my parents arrived at our home. We started our fun filled day with a little breakfast I had made "blueberry breakfast braid".. Oh it was very yummy! I know Jarod really enjoyed it as he had at least 3 pieces

Will post the recipe later!

Then we started on our adventures for the day.. First stop the Capital City Gun Show at the fair grounds in Raleigh..  This was an experience! Men in camo kilts, guns and knives everywhere you turned. My dad was like a kid in a candy store. We couldn't keep up with him and lost him about 4 times while we were there.

Next up the Bull Chute western wear store. Now I bet you are thinking Gun Show, Western Store what is wrong with these people?!?! Well folks my dad grew up on a ranch in Texas. He worked cattle and was a real cowboy.. He still wears cowboy boots everyday to work.  The Bull Chute is the closest western store to them so they try to go whenever they can make it up here.

After purchasing guns and new jeans we were all getting a little hungry. My dad wanted a Greek salad and we knew right where to take him. When we first moved up here our friends Jennifer and Russell introduced us to Solomon's.. I love Mediterranean food and so does my dad so we knew this would be a big hit and it was! After our late lunch/early dinner it was getting time for them to leave.  After they left we drove to Rocky Mount to see Jarod's dad for father's day  since they were leaving early Sunday morning for a beach trip.   We visited for a couple of hours then headed to my parents for the night.

We made breakfast Sunday morning and gave dad all his cards. Bailey even got Jarod and my dad a little something for father's day. Jarod got a CD and My dad got a thermometer he has been wanting!

After that we packed up the car and took a few photos. Hope you  had a wonderful Father's Day Daddy! Love you!


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